Friday, December 10, 2010

Astro Glide....DELUX

"Hi I'm Cris
About the article Astro Glide Deluxin the October issue #102 I was wondering if there are more pics of that beauty and maybe the specs as well.
Thanks for your precious time.

You got it bud!

Larry's "Astro Glide" swing arm chop took home a "Horse bike show" award at last year's Smoke Out.

Part of my duties that day were to shoot all the winning bikes from the bike show. Found this massive lake that had accumulated in the parking lot after the torrential smoke out rain storm and told the guys to roll their bikes right up in it. My shoes were still soaked through and through from riding through that shit the night before-- I don't think they dried completely for at least a whole week after I got back home.

Wacky handle bars!
Who rides in shorts?
Gangster lean.

Nice bike, Larry!

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  1. Hey Jordan, those are some sweet pics...I like the way you used the mirrored surface to reflect the bike and sky...keep up the good work!!